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It’s the most wonderful time of the week!

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What? You don’t agree? Well, have your links or whatever. Killjoy.

  • With DLC, microtransactions, and digital distribution gaining in popularity, Ben Kuchera of the Penny Arcade Report explains why it’s time to stop putting so much stock in the NPD Group’s retail sales reports. In fact, many digital distribution platforms, such as Steam, don’t release sales figures publicly, so it’s impossible to know how NPD’s figures compare to actual sales.
  • Rob Fahey of GamesIndustry explores the dark side of online gaming. While he correctly identifies the hostility and discrimination that happen in online gaming circles, he incorrectly attributes most of the blame to teenage boys. The sad fact of the matter is that much of the abuse in online communities comes from fully-grown men who should really know better. When we shift the blame to adolescents, we allow the adults who engage in reprehensible behaviour to get off without consequences. It’s time we stopped taking a “boys will be boys” attitude to this and started blaming the real culprits.
  • Blogger UnSubject has compiled a lot of data on video game Kickstarters. The verdict? Inconclusive. The Kickstarter boom happened too recently to draw any significant conclusions about video game Kickstarter success. But so far, only 1 in 3 video game Kickstarters has delivered as promised. That doesn’t inspire much confidence.
  • As reported by Lauren O’Neil of the CBC, a 105-year-old woman in Sweden was granted an invitation to attend preschool due to the fact that only the last two digits of her birth year were recorded in the system. I thought we’d be over this Y2K stuff by now.

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