It’s all video games in this week’s What I’ve Been Reading. Plus some cute stuff. But mainly video games.

  • Jason Schreier of Kotaku writes about how an interview that purported to be with a BioWare employee was entirely made up. That “interview” spread across the Web, and many gaming sites regurgitated its contents without double-checking the source.
  • With the annual Steam holiday sale now upon us, I thought that posting this would be appropriate. Destructoid user Jinx 01 wonders if Steam itself has become “gamified,” as gamers make a sort of competition out of hunting for the best deals and acquiring all the games they can for cheap.
  • Wesley Yin-Poole of Eurogamer writes about how team behind BioShock Infinite is bringing Elizabeth, the player’s AI companion, to life. Comparisons are being drawn to Half-Life 2’s Alyx Vance, but let’s hope they give Elizabeth an actual personality instead of a bunch of committee-approved character traits.
  • In the wake of the tragic mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, Jeremy Norman is giving up on violent video games. Here’s why.

That does it for this week. I’ll see you next Sunday. Until then, have a very merry Christmas. And keep off the grass!