Oh Sunday, glorious Sunday! What have we here? Why, it’s another edition of What I’ve Been Reading! A critical look at touchscreens, a build-or-buy guide for gaming PCs, and more follow after the jump.

  • You’ll often hear from PC gamers that building your own gaming PC is easy. That may be true, but it still has its disadvantages. For one, unless you’re really skilled, the cabling inside your rig is likely to turn out a mess. Getting your machine custom-built means that everything will be neat and tidy inside the tower, so it’ll be easier to mess around in there if you ever need to. Phil Cameron of IGN has a handy build-or-buy guide that can help you choose which option to go with.
  • I’m no fan of touchscreens, so I’m partial to pieces like this one, by Christian Brown of The Awl, that explain how the kind of Minority-Report-inspired touchscreen design that we seem to be working towards is bad, nonintuitive interface design. Brown’s piece was inspired by an earlier one by Bret Victor, who explains that touchscreens are merely “pictures under glass”; they attempt to replicate what would naturally be three-dimensional interaction on a two-dimensional surface. Both pieces are highly insightful, and I recommend that you give them a read.

Alright, enough chitchat. Go peruse these links!