This week, I’m branching out a bit. I’ve got links about board games, Dr. Oz, and porn.

Wait. Porn?

Yep. Porn.

  • This article has been making the rounds on the Web, but I thought I’d link to it anyway. Luke McKinney of Cracked has a list of six terrible traditional board games along with six much better alternatives. I’ve always wanted to try Power Grid; it’s like Monopoly, except you’re actually trying to build a monopoly.
  • Another one that’s been making the rounds: Fall Out Boy’s lead singer, Patrick Stump, is tired of how we define ourselves by the pop culture we hate. It leads us to form cliques and subcultures that dismiss anything that exists outside of those particular groups. Stump’s right on the money with this one.
  • Michael Specter of the New Yorker has a lengthy piece on Dr. Oz. Is he a charismatic and knowledgeable television personality? Or is he nothing but a charlatan? I lean towards the latter, even after perusing the article, but I suggest you give it a read nonetheless.
  • Finally, a series of images showing what porn stars look like before and after putting on makeup. The transformation is kind of scary in some cases. (This link is safe for work, by the way. I don’t link to adult material unless I have a very good reason to.)

Not as titillating as you expected, huh? Well, there’s always next week. Until then, be safe, and be nice to your mother.