It’s all about food and Kickstarter on this week’s What I’ve Been Reading. Let’s dive in, shall we?

  • Anchovies are overly salty abominations that have a knack for ruining pizza pies. At least, that’s how some anchovy haters would put it. In any case, anchovies are far from popular. So why do they persist as toppings at pizzerias? About a year ago, Brian Palmer of Slate explained why: apparently they’re an Italian tradition. However, we’ve been messing it up on this side of the Atlantic: anchovies are supposed to be rinsed of salt before being put on pizza.
  • You might have heard of the recent successful Kickstarter for a Veronica Mars movie. Fans of the cancelled cult show are no doubt ecstatic. However, Bob Chipman of The Escapist has a few reservations. He worries that Kickstarter could be exploited by studios to finance any kind of project with a cult fanbase. It’s somewhat of a “slippery slope” argument, but one should never underestimate Hollywood greed.
  • Speaking of alimentary abominations, Taco Bell has unleashed something called the “Doritos Loco Taco” upon the world. The shell of said taco is actually a giant Dorito chip. Yep. That’s right. A giant, flavoured-dust-covered Dorito. It sounds simultaneously glorious and disgusting. Albert Burneko of Deadspin agrees.

Yikes. Next thing you know, they’ll be replacing the bread in a bacon sandwich with breaded chicken fillets. Oh wait, they already did that.

Sometimes I don’t want to live on Earth anymore. *hops in spaceship and zooms off to Jupiter*