This week, on What I’ve Been Reading: Maria is now dating Ricardo, but little does she know that he’s seeing Cristina on the side. Meanwhile, Javier is being blackmailed by El Queso Grande.

Okay, none of that is really happening. I just thought I’d spice things up by turning What I’ve Been Reading into a Mexican telenovela. This week’s links are after the jump.

  • Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has been an outspoken gay rights advocate, calling for an end to homophobia in the NFL. In a piece for CNN, he explains that an openly gay player in the NFL will not be a distraction to other players. I wholeheartedly agree.
  • This is both funny and scary. The Blackberry 10’s “Show What I’m Listening To” feature seems innocuous at first, as if it merely tells your contacts what song you’re playing at the moment. But actually, it sends out a message no matter what is playing in your media player, even if it’s a pornographic video. Andrea Peterson of ThinkProgress explains why this is just one small part of a wider privacy problem. The way I see it, it’s bullshit like this that keeps me from buying a smartphone.
  • Richard Cobbett of Eurogamer writes about the unsustainably high costs of AAA video game development. Take the new Tomb Raider game, for example. It sold over 3 million copies, but publisher Square Enix is reportedly disappointed with its sales. I think that instead of chasing the ever-increasing costs of photorealism, studios should experiment with different, more stylized aesthetics that look beautiful on a fraction of the budget.

Well, that wasn’t a Mexican soap opera, but it was pretty interesting, wasn’t it? See you next week!