It’s all about the funny, wacky, and weird in this week’s What I’ve Been Reading. Let’s dive in, shall we?

  • Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku reports on a South Korean researcher, Dong Wong Cho, who believes that violent video games harm the body because they cause video cards to emit more radio waves. LOLWTFBBQ?
  • On Tuesday this week, Microsoft revealed their upcoming console, Xbox One. (Yeah, the name sounded silly to me too.) But before the reveal happened, speculation was running rampant about what would happen at the presentation. Destructoid user UsurpMyProse had some pretty hilarious speculation, some of which actually turned out to be kind of true.
  • Most of us have only three types of colour-detecting cells, known as cones, for detecting different hues. However, JohnThomas Didymus of Digital Journal reports that a Newcastle University scientist, Dr. Gabriele Jordan, has found a “tetrachromat” woman with four types of cones. She is capable of seeing colours that regular folks can’t see. She’s probably also capable of leaping over tall buildings in a single bound.

That’s all for this week, folks. Feel free to share wacky links in the comments below.