This week, on What I’ve Been Reading: high school rankings; terrible math jokes; and what not to text to your significant other.

  • On his personal blog, Spelunky creator Derek Yu has a suggestion for the games-as-art conversation. He suggests that we need to distinguish between “theme” and “craft.” Because much of critical language surrounding games was inherited from film and television, we tend to appreciate the former but not the latter; games with deep narrative significance as discussed as “art,” but often, games that are mechanically beautiful or feature complex interlocking systems are left out of the conversation.
  • According to the CBC, Kellogg has recently lost a class-action lawsuit regarding its false advertising for claiming that Mini Wheats would “fill you up first thing and help keep you focused all morning.” I dunno, sounds kinda petty to me to be suing over something as trivial as that. Imagine if we were this litigious about online dating profiles.
  • John Tierney of The Atlantic explains why high school rankings are bullshit. To the high school principals who are gaming the rankings instead of focusing on improving education for their students: fuck you for screwing around with teenagers’ lives to make your school look good. Seriously, fuck you.
  • I apologize in advance for this. Walter Hickey of Business Insider has a list of 13 terrible math jokes. I’m sad to say that I understood all of those.
  • Comedian Nathan Fielder told his Twitter followers to text their significant others: “I haven’t been fully honest with you” and then not to reply for an hour. Here are the results, courtesy of Sean Newell of Deadspin. I really don’t advise doing this.

Oh well, as far as the Stanley Cup goes, there’s always 2014, unless the world ends before then. Speaking of which, where have all the doomsayers and apocalypse-mongers been recently? I need a good laugh.