The blog was relatively quiet this week, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a fun loud weekly round-up of links. So break out the champagne and streamers, and get ready to read some articles!

  • E3 seemed less overtly shitty this year than last year, but the shittiness has merely become more insidious. This year, numerous female Expo attendees reported instances of sexism or sexual harassment. Writing for Kotaku, Tina Amini – who, by the way, almost never writes about gender issues, so you know this really must have gotten her goat – talks about a number of these incidents. All I can say is that E3 is a fucking professional press event. Attendees and presenters should treat it as such. That means no mistreatment of women, no booth babes, and most of all, no fucking sexual harassment. God, the fact that I even have to say this pisses me off.
  • There is an abandoned island in New York City, nestled between The Bronx and Riker’s Island, known as North Brother Island. Redditor Victav took a trip there by kayak and documented his visit with photos. Pretty neat, huh? (Courtesy of Izismile.)
  • Alaska recently underwent a crazy heat wave, which brought sunbathing, swimming, and fuckloads of mosquitoes. Rachel D’Oro has the details. (Courtesy of The Huffington Post.)
  • Rape humour can be a difficult subject. The debate surrounding it usually reduces to a bunch of people yelling “RAPE CULTURE” and “FREE SPEECH” on Twitter. (Seriously, is Twitter useful for anything other than pointless fighting?) Writing for Cracked, Gladstone attempts to inject some nuance into the debate. The first question he asks: What are rape jokes?
  • Finally, Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku has a photo gallery of scary Pikachus.

Oh God, that gallery is going to give me nightmares for days. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this week’s round-up. See you next week, and feel free to leave comments below.