This week, in What I’ve Been Reading, I dive into the world of DLC, and then I meet a mermaid. Spoiler alert: I don’t actually meet a mermaid.

  • Writing for the Huffington Post, Joe Kort explains the tendency to see male fictional characters as “gay.” He believes that female fictional characters aren’t similarly “outed” because lesbianism can be used for patriarchal heterosexual men’s erotic pleasure, whereas male homosexuality cannot. I’m not sure that’s the full picture, though. Male homosexuality – especially by certain elements of fandom – is viewed as an interesting, even fetishized, sexual behaviour, and not as a sexual identity in and of itself.
  • Robbert Ferris and Jennifer Welsh of Business Insider have a list of 35 common scientific myths. Unfortunately, the myth about toilets flushing in the opposite direction in the Southern hemisphere isn’t on the list.
  • Finally, Luke Plunkett of Kotaku writes about how the incorrect support e-mail address that Zynga put in their game Coasterville actually belonged to a person named Eric Mueller. Mueller decided to have some fun with it.

That’s all for this week. See ya later, readers, browsers, and assorted alien species.