Escalators, movie studios, and vitamin pills: the three most delightful topics in the world! They’re here in this week’s round-up of random crap I’ve read on the Internet.

  • Writing for the Escapist, Bob Chipman explains that movie studios aren’t just looking at ticket sales to gauge future profitability; they’re also looking at social media and Internet reactions. It’s all part of what Chipman calls “the new math.” But Chipman neglects to mention that film criticism has become increasingly “democratized,” for lack of a better word, now that there are hundreds of movie critics on the Internet with wide-ranging influence whose opinions can impact the movie-going public. (That being said, their influence is limited, given the relative success of Grown Ups 2.)
  • Finally, writing for The Atlantic, Paul Offit explains why the vitamin supplement industry took off. It all goes back to the pronouncements of Linus Pauling, a man who began his career as a brilliant, Nobel-winning scientist before becoming a quack in his later years.

Well, that does it for this week. Stay tuned for whatever I happen to link to next week.