This week’s What I’ve Been Reading is brought to you courtesy of the letter S, as in “Sorry I didn’t update the blog this week; I was busy.” But I’ve got 3 fresh links for you after the jump:

  • With each passing month, it seems unlikelier that the much-anticipated Half-Life 3 will ever see the light of day. But HL3 has never even officially been announced. However, there are numerous projects at various studios that were announced ages ago, but haven’t come out yet and likely never will. Nathan Birch and Sam Jackson of Cracked have compiled a list.
  • For junior faculty members at a research-intensive university, the years before tenure can be tough. New hires are advised to “publish or perish,” lest their tenure committee decide to let them go. But Dr. Radhika Nagpal, a computer science professor at Harvard who recently achieved tenure, had a different strategy. Blogging for Scientific American, she advises junior faculty to treat their jobs as a “seven-year post-doc.”
  • I usually don’t link to very serious articles, but this piece on life after sexual assault by CJ Hale for Thought Catalog is beautiful.

That’s it for me for this week. I’ll try to get in some actual blogging next week, but no promises.