“Subtle’s for plastic surgeons and poets.”
– Jarek

Jarek talks a big game. He’s all swagger and bravado on the outside, but he’s really hiding a host of vulnerabilities and insecurities. In “Bathhouse & Hinky Dink,” The Chicago Code makes explicit the main source of these insecurities: Jarek’s brother, Vincent, was killed while working undercover. Now, Jarek is scared to get too close with someone for fear that they’ll leave him or end up dead.

“Bathhouse & Hinky Dink” is the episode that kicks off the series’ home stretch. As such, it’s relatively plot-heavy, but fortunately, it’s grounded in the characters we’ve come to know. The cops have detected evidence of jury tampering in the trial of a city official who has ties to Killian and Gibbons.

“There it is: Killian and Gibbons – the unholy grail.”
– Jarek

With the Chicago PD on the case, Killian is spooked. He even chances a public meeting with Gibbons to express his concerns. Seeing this, Jarek and Caleb have strong evidence that Gibbons has ties to organized crime. Now they need hard evidence.

So, they put Liam to work. The plan goes relatively smoothly until Kilian murders the corrupt juror, Cahill, right before Liam’s eyes. Now they’ve got Killian on murder, and they could put him away. But Teresa isn’t satisfied. Going after Gibbons has become a crusade for her, and she’s willing to face any cost to get Gibbons too. Perhaps it’s hubris. Jarek sure seems to think so. With Liam having been so close to a death, Jarek is spooked. He fears that Liam will end up like Vincent, and he wants to pull the guy out before things get too dicey. But Teresa is stubborn. She wants Gibbons, and she’ll do whatever it takes, including risking Liam’s life.

“You want dirt on Gibbons? I will get you dirt on Gibbons.”
– Liam

In the end, Teresa leaves it up to Liam to pursue the link between Gibbons and Killian. Liam decides to do it; after he was forced to burn a house down, he’s been more determined than ever to take down Gibbons. Jarek is worried that Liam is hot-headed, but he knows he’ll also feel responsible if Liam is killed too.

In the end, their plan works, and Teresa now has enough information to launch a secret grand jury investigation into Gibbons. It’s a risky move, to be sure, but Teresa isn’t about to back down. However, everyone’s judgment is impaired here. Jarek is far too scared that Liam will end up like his brother, and Liam and Teresa are far too hot-headed to see the dangers. Even if Teresa has made the right moves, the execution may fail if everyone isn’t on the same page.

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