Hey, look! It’s the Internet! Your weekly dose of URLs follows after the jump.

  • Amanda Wills of Mashable tells the story behind Elise Andrew and her popular Facebook page, I Fucking Love Science. Andrew has become an unlikely crusader for delivering scientific education to adults.
  • Let’s be real here: indie video game console Ouya is a fucking disaster. It hasn’t sold well, nobody is making games for it, and more importantly, nobody is buying games for it. Adding to its problems was its recent Free The Games initiative, which promised to match Kickstarter donations for campaigns to make Ouya games that raised at least $50,000. John Walker of Rock Paper Shotgun explains why this was a horrible, horrible idea.
  • For anybody who has ever had a crappy burrito, this rant by Lucky Shirt of Medium is for you.
  • Dustin Cable of the Demographics Research Group at the University of Virginia has has created a map of the United States indicating the race of every respondent to the 2010 Census. Read more about it here.

Alright, that’s enough of that. Back to the salt mines, the lot of you!