In the final hours of the week, I bring you What I’ve Been Reading. Enjoy.

  • Finally, as a person of colour who has South Asian roots, this hits close to home: David Brothers of 4thletter! explains why the public shaming of extreme racists is problematic. I saw a lot of my friends exchanging articles that collected the most ridiculously racist responses to Nina Davuluri’s winning the Miss America pageant. And I just wanted to tell each and every one of them, one by one, that they didn’t get it. That all this does is reframe racism in people’s heads as something that “other people” do. That ridiculous racism verging on satire can’t be hurtful because it comes from people who deserve pity, not scorn. That what really hurts is the numerous microaggressions that people of colour face on a weekly basis. But instead, I think I’ll just share this piece with them.

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