Howdy, readers! I’ve got a trio of links for you this week. Enjoy!

  • Writing for The Guardian, the lead singer of indie electropop band Chvrches, Lauren Mayberry, sounds off on the online misogyny that has been directed at her since the band’s inception. The kind of repugnant, sexually explicit bullshit that idiots spew about female musicians on Internet message boards never ceases to shock and appall me. This isn’t something that female musicians should just have to accept. It’s gross, and it needs to stop.
  • Lakshmi Gandhi of The Aerogram has a list of actors of South Asian descent, along with the number of times they’ve played a character named Raj or Sanjay. Uh… we do have other names, guys. (By the way, Kunal Nayyar has never played anyone named Sanjay. Weird.)
  • Writing for his Game Theory blog, Patrick Lee has an analysis of visual novel Katawa Shoujo, explaining how it uses its characters to get across its themes. Who would have thought a dating sim created by a bunch of dudes from 4chan would manage to explore the topic of disability with such respect and nuance?

That’s all for this week. See ya later, alligators!