I’m busy this weekend, so this What I’ve Been Reading is going to be short and sweet.

  • Martin Robinson of Eurogamer makes a case for buying the Nintendo Wii U over the Sony PlayStation 4 or the Microsoft Xbox One this Christmas. As someone who games almost exclusively on his PC, if I were to buy a console, it would be a Wii U, since it’s the only one that provides experiences that I can’t get on my computer.
  • Last week’s episode of Homeland caused quite a stir with its shocking ending, which [SPOILERS] revealed that Carrie’s stay in a mental institution was nothing but a plot hatched by her and Saul. I thought the ending was absolutely fucking stupid and that it invalidated much of the drama that preceded it. Writing for NPR’s Monkey See blog, Linda Holmes explains why that ending felt more like a trick than a twist.

Ciao for now, dear readers.