Zombie bees. ZOMBEES. That’s just a sample of the horror that’s in store for you in this week’s What I’ve Been Reading.

  • A tiny Phorid fly is capable of injecting its eggs into a honey bee’s abdomen, turning the poor apian insect into a sort of “zombee” that leaves its hive at night and flies around in circles. This horrifying parasite may explain the decline of the honey bee population in the United States. (Courtesy of Lydia O’Connor of The Huffington Post.)
  • Indie developer Jeff Vogel writes about the popping of the “indie bubble” in video games. As more and more indie games get released onto the market, it’s going to be harder and harder for individual developers to get their games spotlighted on Steam. Vogel points out that having “good marketing” is only part of a game’s success; some degree of luck is required as well.
  • As you may be aware, Blockbuster is shutting down its remaining bricks-and-mortar locations, effectively ending the video rental service as we know it. Some may pine for a bygone era of going to the video store to pick up a movie for date night, but Ben Kuchera of the Penny Arcade Report explains why our nostalgia might be misplaced.

And now for a video round-up:

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