I’ve got a quintet of links for you this week, served with a side of commentary. Enjoy.

  • Jason Lynch of the AV Club explains how supporting characters can enrich sitcoms when they’re in creative ruts. I’ve seen very few of the recent Modern Family episodes, but from what little I’ve seen, I agree that Aubrey Anderson-Emmons is a national treasure.
  • The reviews are in for the PlayStation 4’s launch games, and they’re not great. Ben Kuchera of The Penny Arcade Report explains how rushed reviewers and an embargo might have contributed to low review scores. For example, a minor, repeated annoyance might become more irritating in a small time frame, or narrative subtleties may not become apparent without time for further reflection.
  • Finally, Winston Rowntree of Cracked has a great article on sexism. Read it.

Alright, that’s enough for this week. See you all next week, fellow Internet denizens.