You know the drill. It’s this week’s What I’ve Been Reading!

  • You may know James Stewart as the guy who wrote your college calculus textbook. Katie Daubs of the Toronto Star reports on the fancy house that he built with his textbook fortune in Toronto’s upscale Rosedale neighbourhood. The house even features a concert space that he uses for charitable fundraisers!
  • C.A. “Ubertrout” Pinkham of Jezebel’s Groupthink hates a lot of foods – some for good reasons, and some for terrible ones. Okay, let’s be honest, mainly for terrible ones.
  • I’m going to get serious for a moment, if that’s okay. You may have heard of Ian Watkins, former singer of Lostprophets, who recently pleaded guilty to charges of pedophilia. This came as a shock to fans, many of whom didn’t want to believe that a man could be capable of such depraved acts. Simon of The Monolith has a good op-ed explaining the situation. For my part, I feel incredibly sorry for Watkins’ former bandmates, who may be going through immense psychological trauma right now and whose musical careers are now ruined, and more importantly, his victims, who should never have had to endure what they endured.

And now for a couple of videos:

That’s all for this week. See you next week, Internet dwellers!