Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2014 just wrapped up earlier this week, and I’d like to use this What I’ve Been Reading to link to some articles about the talks that were given there.

All articles in this edition of What I’ve Been Reading are from Polygon.

  • Elizabeth Sampat of mobile developer Storm8 gave a talk about creating place for women in the games industry. She argues that instead of rewarding female developers who fit comfortably in the “boys’ club” atmosphere, companies should be fostering an environment that embraces people of all genders. I wholeheartedly agree. (Article by Megan Farokhmanesh.)
  • Nintendo developer and Animal Crossing: New Leaf project lead Aya Kyogoku gave a talk about how having a diverse team – men, women, and people of all ages – contributed to the game’s success. (Article by Michael McWhertor.)

It’s heartening to see that the games industry knows it has a diversity problem and that it is taking steps to fix it. Whether these GDC talks will translate to real, tangible action at other studios remains to be seen, but I’m optimistic.