Get your reading glasses on. It’s time to be amazed by what the Internet has to offer!

  • The series finale of How I Met Your Mother aired earlier this week. I didn’t have time write up my thoughts about it, so here’s a quick verdict: pretty great, minus the ending. The night before the finale, Donna Bowman of The AV Club had a retrospective look at the show and what its “mission statement” might have been.
  • California State Senator and noted anti-video game advocate Leland Yee was recently arrested on charges of corruption and trafficking. Robert Rath of The Escapist takes a look at the FBI affidavit that tells the story of how these charges came to be. It’s a fascinating story, and especially notable for the fact that a man who fiercely opposed virtual violence and gangsters ended up involved with real violence and gangsters.
  • Finally, an oldie but a goodie, for all you math nerds out there: Ben Tilly has observed that mathematicians who prefer algebra eat corn differently than mathematicians who prefer analysis. It’s a cool bit of pop psychology. Check it out.

Okay, that does it for this week. I’m out.