This week’s What I’ve Been Reading is 50% serious, 50% funny, 100% awesome. (I think that adds up to 200%. Whatever.)

  • Writing for Medium, Danah Boyd explains that “selling out” has become an outdated concept in today’s musical landscape. Boyd argues that it is too fragmented for the idea of “selling out” to be meaningful. She also posits that the only avenues teenagers have for self-expression are in commercial spaces, as our world has become increasingly commercialized.
  • Chris Lee of Ars Technica argues that universities are currently trying to fill dual roles – teaching and research – and are failing miserably at the former. He argues that universities should create dedicated, tenure-protected teaching positions so as to improve the quality of teaching.
  • Now for the funny. Arare Litus of Gomer Blog writes about an African village that aspiring doctors can visit to boost their medical school applications.


That’s all for this week. I hope you had a good laugh.