Hello, Internet!

One of the traditions of this blog has been to rewatch a TV series each summer and write commentaries about each episode. I had intended to do Pushing Daisies this summer, but circumstances (i.e. travel, other commitments) got in the way. Now there’s a month left in the summer, and trying to rewatch Pushing Daisies’ 22 episodes would be too ambitious. So instead, I’m going to be doing a much smaller series: NBC’s cancelled-too-soon rom-com, Bent. There are only six episodes, so I should be able to fit it all in. My intention is to post two commentaries each week (time-permitting). If you want to follow along, streaming options for the show are unfortunately quite limited (i.e. non-existent, as far as I can tell), so you’ll have to buy the episodes through a service like iTunes or Amazon Instant Video.

The first commentary should be up early next week, if I remember to do it. (I have a bad memory.)