Land ho! (I’m pretending we were at sea.)

  • Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku writes about an unachievable Steam achievement in Christine Love’s 2013 piece of interactive fiction Hate Plus. Devoted fans tried everything to obtain it, even trying to hack the game. The entire affair ended up being a meta-commentary on the nature and purpose of achievements.
  • Also at Kotaku, GB Burford analyzes how Dishonored‘s Lady Boyle party level breaks the rules of typical stealth gameplay. I appreciate this kind of game design; traditional stealth gameplay feels horribly constraining, and stealth missions in non-stealth games are the bane of my gaming existence.
  • Finally, writing for the New Yorker, Simon Rich has a very lengthy version of the Guy Walks Into a Bar joke. (Trust me; it’s worth it.)

Time to jump back into the ocean. See ya, nerds!