There’s been a lot of talk about Zoegate AKA the Quinnspiracy AKA GamerGate AKA some stupid shit that happened on the Internet. It’s a huge clusterfuck, with parties that would normally be on each other’s sides at each other’s throats, and parties that would normally hate each other banding together. I decided to make a spreadsheet to keep track of all of it.

Here’s a link to the spreadsheet: zoegate_2014_08_30

Here’s how to use the spreadsheet:

  • Each cell indicates the Row party’s position on the Column party (e.g. E8 indicates <E>’s position on <8>).
  • Positive positions are marked in green. Neutral, irrelevant, conflicting, or unknown positions are indicated in yellow. Negative positions are indicated in red.
  • All red positions have explanations. Yellow and green ones may have them if the position is surprising or notable.
  • This is intended as a tool. It’s not meant to express any opinion. Neutral language is used wherever possible. Words like “allegedly” and “reportedly” are used even when the proof is pretty compelling.
  • Some positions are extrapolated based on informed conjecture. If new data negate them, I’ll update the spreadsheet.
  • I know that some of these parties are divided into sub-factions, but that level of detail would have been confusing.
  • If there’s anything you think should be changed, please let me know, and I’ll look into it.

Please use this spreadsheet respectfully as a reference. I want this to foster understanding, not discord.

Brief opinion time: I’ll probably post my thoughts on this whole debacle in a long-ass post in the coming days. If you’re a follower of this blog, you know that I strongly support both social justice and journalistic ethics. That’s why this situation has been so incredibly hard for me to process. In any case, be respectful, and remember that love is always better than hate.