Coffee drinks, hot honey, and Maude Flanders. It’s all here in this week’s What I’ve Been Reading.

  • Annual gaming convention PAX Prime happened last weekend, and as always, companies band together to create ill-considered marketing schemes. The latest pairing is that of Starbucks and Nintendo, who banded together to sell a Donkey Kong Frappucino, whose ingredients include a banana, an extra shot of espresso, and toffee nut. It’s as gross as it sounds. (Courtesy of Brett Makedonski of Destructoid.)
  • In considerably tastier news, Sierra Tishgart of Grub Street reports on the current competition in the hot honey market. Several brands are vying for the top market share in hipster condiments.
  • Peter Richie has spent eight months making a megacity of 107 million people in SimCity 4. That might sound ridiculous, but several of earth’s biggest cities, including Delhi and São Paulo, are headed in that direction. Richie’s simulation has major infrastructure problems, especially when it comes to transportation – already a major issue facing many cities today. (Courtesy of Derek Mead of Vice.)
  • I don’t really want to bring up the still-ongoing GamerGate controversy, but this essay by Pixie of Geek Essays is a must-read: You Can’t Build Inclusion on Exclusionary Language. The essay is excellent, and I’ll let it speak for itself. However, I will emphasize that people tend not to listen to you if you call them “fat virgin neckbeards.”

Well, that’s enough for this week. I’ll see you on the other side!