Thinkpieces! Thinkpieces for all!

  • So… GamerGate is still happening. It won’t stop happening. It’s almost comical now, with pro-GGers screaming about Silverstring Media and “social justice warriors,” and anti-GGers refusing to admit that perhaps the games media aren’t as ethical and balanced as they think they are. Carter Dotson of Pocket Gamer explains that both camps should actually have common ground.
  • Let’s switch gears. On a completely non-GamerGate-related note, Tom Bramwell of Eurogamer explains why he wishes more games were just “vertical slices.” Detailed demos are often prepared for press events and expos. But that level of polish is difficult to apply to an entire game. Shortening the experience and charging a lower price might be the way to go.

That’s enough nonsense for today. See you next week, digital adventurers.