It’s been a looooong week here at Refrigerator Rants. Let’s unwind with cool, refreshing glass of What I’ve Been Reading.

  • Tumblr user Kazerad takes a look at gendered Lego and how sexism is born of laziness. It’s a fascinating read.
  • I go to a lot of rock concerts – some big, some small. Most of them inevitably end up involving moshing or stage diving of some kind. Both practices baffle me. I don’t understand how running into other people and potentially causing them bodily harm makes music more fun, but maybe I’m missing something. In any case, because of recent stage diving incidents at Joyce Manor shows, Dan Ozzi and Jonah Bayer of Vice’s Noisey blog have collected the thoughts of various punk musicians on stage diving.
  • Kotaku’s Yannick LeJacq complains about how video games are often padded with “content” instead of anything of artistic value. I have to agree with him, and I think RPGs are especially guilty of this. It’s also seeping into action games. I don’t mind a long RPG every now and then, but if your first-person shooter is longer than 13 hours, you could probably stand to trim a little fat.
  • -sigh- GamerGate is still going on. I remain firmly in the “A plague o’ both your houses!” camp, as I was when I wrote my GamerGate essay. Here’s a piece by Twitter user LegalFauxPas explaining why the anti-GamerGate crowd has a PR problem. I think it’s a bit more serious than a “PR” problem, but LegalFauxPas makes some good points.

That’s all for now. Ciao.