I haven’t forgotten about you, my beautiful Internet friends. Here’s some linky goodness for y’all.

  • Destructoid user UsurpMyProse has a funny, satirical article about neck stabbing in video games. There is a weirdly large number of video games that feature neck stabbing, isn’t there?
  • Nathan Grayson of Kotaku writes about YouTubers taking money for covering games. Not a terrible practice, as long as full disclosure is provided. But some deals, like the ones for the recent Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, prohibited YouTubers from showing bugs or glitches and forced them to express only positive sentiment for the game. That’s where these things get ethically murky. (Given recent events, I know that the by-line might put some people off. Use your own judgment.)

Have a wonderful week, dear readers. I’m off to the land of slumber.