Another week with no real blog posts. My explanation: I’ve been reading.

  • Writing for The Conversation, biological chemistry professor Mark Lorch gives us five science ‘facts’ that are actually just plain wrong. Included among them is the old ‘tongue map’ myth – no, the tip of your tongue is not better at tasting sweet things. Another myth that should be added to the list: that one about toilets flushing in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere.
  • Writing for Making Games, BioWare’s David Gaider gives us a look at the developer’s writing process. They follow a fairly strict, systematized set of rules for writing character arcs. I wonder if that’s why BioWare games often feel formulaic. On the other hand, it prevents them from going completely off the rails, so maybe using such a regimented process is a necessary evil.
  • Finally, we’re still not done with GamerGate, which continues to rage on like a nasty skin infection on the Internet’s perineum. This blog post by BillM explains why the dispute continues. As always, my opinion on GamerGate is that nearly everyone involved has made and continues to make the stupidest, poorest decisions possible. BillM seems to agree. I’ll continue fighting for social justice and media transparency, and I’ll continue fighting against harassment and bullying. Whatever side of the GamerGate fence that puts me on, I frankly don’t care.

Alright, that’s it for now. I’ll probably¬†eventually revisit GamerGate in a long-form blog post. But before that, I’ve got at least one more blog post planned. Stay tuned.