I told you last week that I’d write a real blog post this week. And I did. So go read that if you want to know my thoughts on Video Game High School. Anyway, here are some bits and bobs for you to chew on. Enjoy.

  • Reddit user popspective has a neat story about how as a black man, the character creator for Dragon Age: Origins was not equipped to recreate his likeness. So, he invented his own headcanon about how his character was adopted by white parents. The recently-released Dragon Age: Inquisition has a better character creator that allows for black facial features. This just goes to show you how important diversity can be for gaming and how those who are (inadvertently, not maliciously) excluded develop coping strategies.
  • Writing for The Guardian, English musician Fuse ODG explains why he turned down Bob Geldof when asked to participate in Band Aid 30. He believes the lyrics to be condescending, and he thinks they contribute to wider problems concerning the lack of positive depictions of African life in Western media. I’d take that a step further and say that people in the West need to stop thinking of Africa as a single country. It’s a huge continent full of different cultures, beliefs, and socioeconomic structures.

That’s all for now, folks. Go do something constructive.