Three links this week, chock full of Internetty goodness.

  • Holy crap, scientists have discovered electric bacteria! These critters can chow down directly on electrons, bypassing the need to have electrons delivered to them in the form of glucose. Man, I wish I could subsist entirely on electrons; eating food is entirely too time consuming. (Courtesy of Sebastian Anthony of Extreme Tech.)
  • YouTube is trying to strong-arm cellist Zoë Keating into releasing all her music via YouTube’s new music service. Keating is debating fighting back.
  • Stephanie Buck of Mashable writes about how restrooms can be made more inviting for the transgender community. She mentions comedian and activist Sam Killermann’s solution, where gender-neutral bathroom signs include pictures of toilets instead of confusing pictures of people of various genders. It’s such a simple solution that it’s a wonder that it’s not more widespread.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned next week for more bloggy fun times.