I’ve got a pretty heavy What I’ve Been Reading for you this week. It can’t all be fun and games…

  • Destructoid user SeymourDuncan17 pens a touching eulogy for machinima artist kitty0706. RIP.
  • Writing for Cracked, an anonymous person (with the help of Amanda Mannen) writes about his experiences as a male rape victim. It’s sad that in 2015, we still don’t take survivors of assault seriously.
  • I hate to dredge up GamerGate again, but there’s been a lot of misinformation floating around in the mainstream media about the GamerGate arbitration case on Wikpedia. Eudaimonaic Laughter tries to set the record straight. I’m no fan of GamerGate, but every time the media misreport something GamerGate-related, they give GamerGate fuel. I know that Wikipedia bureaucracy is a byzantine mess, but that’s no excuse. Hire reporters who understand its inner workings, and stop spreading lies.

Okay, that’s enough for now. GamerGate is fucking exhausting. Can’t this shit just die already? Oh well, at least I’m enjoying the stupidity of #pizzagate.