This week, we’re talking emo. We’re also talking Monopoly. All that and a bunch more in this edition of What I’ve Been Reading.

  • Emma Garland of Vice’s Noisey blog interviews Gerard Way (formerly of My Chemical Romance) and Geoff Rickly (formerly of Thursday) on the emo scene of the aughts. Well worth a read, considering how influential they were in the scene.
  • David Auerbach of Slate writes about Wikipedia’s ArbitrationGate fiasco and how it was precipitated by turning Wikipedia’s rules against itself. GamerGate will swallow the entire Internet before year’s end!
  • Jen Doll of New Republic has a book review of Mary Pilon’s The Monopolists: Obsession, Fury, and the Scandal Behind the World’s Favorite Board Game. She explains how the original idea for Monopoly was invented by a woman named Lizzie Magie to spread a decidedly anti-capitalist message. That Monopoly now seems like a monument to capitalism is a sad accident of history and marketing.
  • A group of academics at Concordia University in Montréal are developing The Oldest Game in response to the Canadian government’s new anti-prostitution laws. I’m a big supporter of the idea of that interactivity can be a powerful educational tool, and this seems to be no exception. Emma M. Woolley of The Globe and Mail has a nice write-up about it.

I hope that was enlightening. Sound off in the comments if you’d like to express your reactions. The floor is yours!