A real life video game high school? You betcha. Let’s find out about it in this week’s What I’ve Been Reading.

  • Robert Purchese of Eurogamer writes about The Studio, the UK’s first state-funded high school with a curriculum focused on video game design. I think it’s a great way to nurture the talent of young creative minds.
  • Phill Cameron of Gamasutra has an interview with Sean Vanaman, formerly of Telltale and now of Campo Santo, who are developing the upcoming Firewatch. It’s an interesting look at the pressures faced by indie studios with high expectations placed on them.
  • Leah Libresco of Patheos’ Unequally Yoked blog writes about how non-traditional living arrangements often violate suburban zoning laws. With non-traditional family structures becoming more common, these laws increasingly seem like relics of a bygone era at best, and a subtle way of keeping “undesirables” out of suburbanites’ bubble of privilege.
  • Robert Rath of The Escapist writes about how many modern military video games bill themselves as “realistic” but fail to depict the emotional truths of war. I don’t know if “truth” is the right word, but I think Rath is onto something here.
  • Theresa Fisher of Mic has compiled a gallery of salads from across the United States. I’m sorry Idaho, but Snickers taffy apple salad is not a real salad.

That’s all for now. Ciao.