I read some stuff this week. You can read it too!

  • Joe Pinsker of The Atlantic writes about Guillaume Dumas, a man who snuck into elite North American universities such as Stanford and McGill to take classes, without even paying a dime. Based on my university experiences, attending classes of 30 students or more shouldn’t have been an issue, but attending senior seminars might have been tricky.
  • Patrick Klepek of Kotaku writes about Ubisoft’s Dig Rush, a game designed to help treat lazy eye. I’m always excited to see new types of medical treatments popping up.
  • Finally, Asam Ahmad of Briarpatch Magazine writes about the problems with call-out culture and its tendency to conflate individuals with systems. He echoes many of the sentiments I’ve had of late.

That does it for this week. Feel free to leave comments below.