Video games, streaming, and a whole more in this edition of What I’ve Been Reading. Let’s take a peek, shall we?

  • Rich Stanton of Eurogamer writes about what made Super Mario 64 so special. A large part of that is its fluid movement, which allows Mario to chain together different kinds of acrobatic moves. I think this paragraph summarizes the piece nicely: “This is not translation of any kind so much as complete reinvention. After all, why do levels need fixed goals? Why should you have to complete one before trying another? Why do you even need to finish them all to finish the game? The hub world of Princess Peach’s castle is itself one of the game’s largest levels – crammed with paintings, plenty of rooms to explore, and more secrets than most players will ever know. It’s no mistake Super Mario 64 starts the player off in the grounds, letting them feel the simple joy of making Mario run, jump and climb in his new playground.”
  • Writing for io9’s Observation Deck blog, lightninglouie explains that TV networks haven’t taken full advantage of streaming, often removing old episodes from online viewing a few weeks after they air. I too find it perplexing. It’s like networks are throwing away free ad money.
  • Daniel Sims of PCGamer writes about increasing game download sizes. It is now normal for AAA games to have download sizes larger than 20 GB. This means that PC gamers frequently run up against restrictions placed on them by their Internet service providers. Cheaper, faster Internet with looser download caps is a must. Could gamers lead the charge against the ISP oligopoly? I hope so.
  • I’m linking to pieces on online toxicity with surprising regularity. purplekecleon has a comic about the dangers of polarized thinking, and Clickhole has a satirical piece about retaliatory social media shaming.
  • Finally, Internet funny guy Staggering Stew-Bum compares Mass Effect to Sex and the City. Yeah, I’m just as confused as you.

That does it for this week. Tune in next week for more links and possibly a short essay about Arrow, if I actually get around to writing it.