I’m back from the dead! Well, I didn’t actually die, but you missed me all the same, right? Let’s get it on with What I’ve Been Reading.

  • To the uninitiated, math can seem like a mess of arcane symbols and Greek letters. But once you delve into the subject, it reveals many hidden secrets and bizarre coincidences. Writing for Aeon Ideas, Scott Aronson ponders why we see so many of these coincidences.
  • The Earth is full of mysteries. We’re constantly discovering new species of plants and animals, even though we’ve been cataloguing them for centuries. Sometimes, species we thought were extinct are still out there, surviving. CBC News reports on Bouvier’s red colobus monkey, which was last spotted in Congo back in the 1970s and was recently sighted again.
  • It’s no secret that the transit situation in New York City is a mess, especially outside of Manhattan. Eric Jaffe of The Atlantic’s Citylab considers a few proposed subway lines that may resolve part of the problem.
  • Most video game rumours are started as pranks. But this one, about a cancelled Conker reboot, was part of a university course assignment. (Courtesy of Jason Schreier of Kotaku.)

Okay, enough links for now. Peace out.