On some weeks, What I’ve Been Reading is a collection of profound, thought-provoking thinkpieces that inspire passionate debate and discussion. This is not one of those weeks.

  • Writing for Gawker, Kelly Conaboy insists that concerts should end at 11 PM. I largely agree. It’s fine for Friday or Saturday concerts to end late, but on any other night, performers and organizers should be considerate of people who have places to go the next day.
  • Destructoid has a satirical piece about the Xbox wOne: the Xbox for women.
  • Okay, I lied. There is at least one interesting thinkpiece in this collection of articles. This one comes courtesy of game designer Adrian Chmielarz, who explains why Tale of Tales’ Sunset failed financially. I haven’t yet had a chance to play the game, so I can’t vouch for its quality (or lack thereof). But why the game didn’t catch on had little to do with the gameplay itself, Chmielarz explains.

Enough stupidity for now. I’ll see you all next week with some more links.