I didn’t post a What I’ve Been Reading last week, because I wrote a game review instead. This week, we’re back to letting the Internet do my work for me.

  • Patrick Klepek of Kotaku reports on a Dying Light fan who reported that the power grid depicted in the game didn’t make any sense. Developers Techland responded in pretty awesome fashion.
  • Malcolm T. Nicholson writes about the future of human evolution (with illustrations by Stephanie Shafer). Scientists believe that the human race will continue to evolve, even as cultural change far outpaces evolutionary change.
  • I know the phrase “fake geek girl” is enough to make most people recoil – as it should – but this story from Tumblr user Xander is just too funny not to share.
  • Finally, an oldie but a goodie from NPR: the time a multi-million dollar Canadian contract dispute hinged on the placement of a comma.

Alright, I’m out of here. Peace.