There’s a lot of archaic technology floating around out there. This week, I’ve got two articles about obsolete tech… and one about mobile gaming, because why not?

  • Last week, Paris Orly Airport was brought to a standstill due to a software glitch. The software? Windows 3.1. I shit you not. It’s ridiculous how much outdated software is out there. Many computers in public locations still run Windows XP, but this takes the cake. Paying for upgrades can be expensive in the short run, but it’s worth it in the long run; nobody knows how to use Windows 3.1 anymore! (Courtesy of Pierre Longeray of Vice.)
  • Over at GamesIndustry, Brendan Sinclair spoke to Tilting Point’s VP of product strategy Jesse Divinich about mobile games. Divinich claims that most popular mobile games, such as Candy Crush Saga, rely on the illusion of skill rather than actual skill. Having played Bejeweled, the game that Candy Crush rips off, I have to agree. How well I perform at Bejeweled has such a high variance that it can’t be a product of skill.

That’s enough jibber-jabber for one week. See ya later, readers.