I’m back this week with actual articles… and one map. You like maps, right?

  • Michael Specter of The New Yorker pens an in-depth look at the “healthy” fast food revolution. With more joints like Dig Inn and Sweetgreen popping up, the range of healthier options for consumers looking for a quick meal is expanding, especially in big cities. It’s definitely a bit pricier than I would like, but it’s far better than stuffing my face with McDonald’s, which doesn’t even taste that great – aside from their hash browns, of course. Those things are like golden brown crack.
  • Maddie Stone of Gizmodo reports on a new study by Bor-Kai Hsiung and coauthors, published in Science Advances, showing that electric blue hair has evolved in tarantula species in at least three separate ways. Convergent evolution is a fairly common phenomenon, but in this case, scientists are puzzled as to what the blue hair could be a response to. Maybe it signals something to other species, or maybe it wards off a specific type of predator. In any case, this is a fascinating mystery.
  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pull a Phil Tandy Miller (of The Last Man on Earth) and jump in a pool full of alcohol? The Independent has compiled a list of scientists’ answers to the question. Spoiler alert: the results wouldn’t be pleasant. (Thanks to Internet friend Cloks for sending this to me.)
  • Finally, a bit of satire: the Tragedy World Map! (Originally drawn in Spanish by Eduardo Salles)

I’ll see y’all later, chumps.