Let’s get the ball rolling this weekend with some links to stuff you should read. Match fixing in tennis? User interface design? Gigantic fucking insects? It’s all in here.

  • I continue to be impressed by BuzzFeed’s long-form content. Heidi Blake and John Templon have a lengthy, detailed look at match-fixing in tennis and how little the sport’s governing bodies have done to combat it. Even some matches at Grand Slam tournaments have reportedly been fixed. This has cast a pall over the ongoing Australian Open, and I hope it lights a fire under the Tennis Integrity Unit’s asses.
  • Patrick Stafford of Polygon writes about researchers in neuroscience and psychology are being hired by software companies and major video game publishers to help optimize user interface design. Anything that helps ease the job market for PhDs is good in my books.
  • Emil Guillermo of NBC News interviews Filipino-American actor Vincent Rodriguez III about his role as a love interest on the CW show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Guillermo and Rodriguez have an interesting chat about diversity and representation in media. It’s a good read. And Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a good watch. (Can you say “good watch”? Is that a proper English idiom? No matter, I declare it is!)

With that nightmare fuel implanted firmly in your brain, I bid you adieu. Until next week, my friends!