Let’s get funky! Or not. But let’s read some stuff on the Internet, at least.

  • Siderea pens a lengthy essay about the distinction between economic and social class. She asserts that social class is at least to some degree learned and performed. In any case, a brief description doesn’t do the essay justice, and you should go ahead and read it.
  • Writing for Paste Magazine, game developer Olivia White opines that in gaming circles, we focus too much on women as victims of harassment and discrimination, rather than as leaders and creators. The end result is that women are recognized for overcoming hardship rather than for their actual work. I share these concerns, and if we want more women to enter game development – which is something we should all wish for – then we would do well to highlight the contributions of women rather than whatever struggles they may face that ultimately have no bearing on what they’re creating. (Sadly necessary side note: This is not an endorsement of harassment or abuse. If you think it is, then kindly fuck off.)

That was sexy, wasn’t it? Well, not sexy exactly. Actually not all sexy. Go home.