We’re back this week with more random articles on the Web. Look inside… if you dare…

  • Every loves cute animals like koalas and lemurs, and they attract most of the attention from the general public. But did you that cute animals attract most of the attention from scientists to? Mark Molloy of The Telegraph writes about how ugly animals are being ‘shunned’ by scientists. It’s a shame, because the cure to some horrible disease might be lying inside the body of a blobfish, and we just wouldn’t know.
  • Think of all the major cities you can name in California. Los Angeles and San Francisco certainly come to mind, and maybe San Diego too. After that, maybe Sacramento, and a couple of suburbs of L.A., like Pasadena or Anaheim. Chances are, you forgot about San Jose. It turns out that you’re not alone, as Carl Bialik of FiveThirtyEight explains.

That’s enough for now. See y’all later.