This week, we’re talking games. And food. But mostly games.

  • Zak Sabbath of Playing D&D With Porn Stars interviews Stacy Dellorfano about how some of the common strategies used to try to get more women into gaming are wrongheaded. Instead of trying to separate tastes by gender, which she sees as reductive and stereotypical, Dellorfano advocates for getting more female creators into the business. (Note: Despite the NSFW warning in the link, this page itself is safe for work. I can’t guarantee anything about the rest of the site, though.)
  • Teenage hacking prodigy Ruby Nealon got a game onto Valve’s Steam service without anybody ever approving it. Writing for Medium’s The Startup blog, he explains how. Why did he do it? To demonstrate a security vulnerability in Steam that Valve refused to acknowledge.
  • Writing for Kotaku’s Talk Amongst Yourselves blog, Cal K. Rool goes over the history of Maxis’ Sim titles. It’s a shame that aside from SimCity and The Sims, the series has basically been discontinued. An obvious omission from Cal K. Rool’s list is SimTower, which was my jam back in the day. (They also don’t discuss SimCopter or SimEarth, but I’ve never played either.)
  • Finally, an oldie but a goodie: J. Kenji López-Alt of Serious Eats has a comprehensive guide to ramen. Not the shitty, instant, just-add-water kind, but the good stuff. A must-read for lovers of Japanese cuisine.

Alright, enough monkey business, Back to the grind!