Sundays are for reading things other people have written. Let’s get this show on the road!

  • Man, the tech world is getting knotty these days. Joseph Cox of Motherboard writes about researchers at Aarhus University in Denmark who lifted the data of 70 000 users of popular dating website OkCupid. While the data are in some sense public, they contain personally identifiable information, and compiling those data into a single source makes them easier to search. As for OkCupid, they say that this violates their terms of service. My take: scraping the data was fine; making the resulting data set publicly available was not.
  • Scarlett Johannson’s casting in the lead role of the upcoming Ghost in the Shell movie has been controversial, to say the least. Emily Yoshida of the Verge explains the controversy and why it might not have caused a similar reaction in Japan.
  • It’s time for some satire! CJ Andriessen of Destructoid mocks recent controversies about localization changes for Western markets in Japanese video games.

That’s all for this week. See ya later, nerds!