Greetings fellow earthlings! It’s time to read about stuff on the Internet, as we do every Sunday.

  • Gabriel Rosenberg of NPR reports on Mas Subramanian and Andrew E. Smith of Oregon State University, a professor and grad student who accidentally created a new blue pigment that could have a variety of industrial applications. Neato!
  • Meet Mimicyu, the new Pokémon who looks suspiciously like Pikachu… (By Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku)
  • Speaking of Pokémon, we have to talk about Pokémon GO.
    • Pokémon GO is insanely popular. Here are some data from Joseph Schwartz of Digital Vision.
    • Destructoid’s Mike Cosimano has a very insightful review of the game where he contrasts the individual experience of playing it with the social experience surrounding it. It seems as if the game itself isn’t great (and is riddled with bugs, to boot), but it’s bringing people together in truly fascinating ways.
    • Finally, from Rooster Teeth’s Poppycock articles, Pokémon GO has taken over everything.

Well, that’s enough bizarre nonsense for one day. See ya later, chumps!