A brief one this week, because I don’t want to talk to you.

  • Sir TapTap excoriates Valve Software for not implementing a system that would crack down on Steam key fraud via key reseller sites like G2A. He thinks that a simple authentication API, like the one Humble Bundle used to use, would solve a lot of problems. I agree. The problem is getting Valve to agree, and as they’ve become increasingly obsessed with VR and hardware, they’ve left behind their biggest user base in PC gaming. I’m actually starting to game on console more thanks to Valve’s bullshit. Oh, and G2A can go fuck itself with a piece of rusty rebar.
  • Finally, over at Electron Dance, Joel Goodwin discusses bizarre adventure game Cradle. His thoughts on the game are similar to mine, though I think I found the game more frustratingly opaque. You can find more of my thoughts on the game here.

That’s all for this week. A brief administrative note: You may have noticed that I haven’t yet announced a summer rewatch. One reason is that I’ve more or less run out of TV series that I want to rewatch and that have a reasonable number of episodes. Benched, Bad Judge, and Marvel’s Agent Carter fit the bill, but I think I’d rather rewatch that last one next summer so that more time will have elapsed since its conclusion. The second reason is that I have a lot of real-life responsibilities at the moment and very little time to rewatch TV. Finally, I’d like to get back to rewatching ongoing series in preparation for their upcoming seasons. I was considering doing this with¬†the web series RWBY and Bravest Warriors, but the former isn’t debuting until late October, and latter in January of next year. So my decision as of now is to start rewatching¬†RWBY in October. I’m still going to call it a summer rewatch, though, because I don’t respect the rules of time or space.